A tribute to the 99ers: We are not invisible.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The next step.

According to everything I've heard, unemployment extensions up to a total of 99 weeks will pass the Senate today. The President will sign the bill and checks will begin to go out in short order. It has taken only 8 weeks with a Democratic majority of 57/58. A hollow victory to be sure, but a victory (especially for those waiting for these benefits) none the less.

Some Senate Democrats have been all over the news decrying the "minority obstruction". True as it is, please stop. The only thing worse than a bully is a victim that continually allows the bully to bully. Democratic Majority: If for some reason you thought the homeless and hungry would be granted immunity to the filibuster, the actions of Senator Jim Bunning should have been a warning. You should have had a plan and you need to do better. Name those specifically impeding progress and add their state's unemployment rate. You weren't sent to Washington to claim it is the fault of others that very little is being accomplished. Do something!

If you are looking for a suggestion, fund unemployment extensions beyond 99 weeks. The 73 weeks of emergency extensions are unprecedented. It is also unprecedented to discontinue extensions with unemployment above 7.2%. Time is dear for those without unemployment benefits. Get started now. Talk about it every day. Don't recess until it's done (Sen. Reid, Speaker Pelosi this means you).

It doesn't look promising. Rep. Alan Grayson was great last night. Ed Schultz has been spotlighting the 99ers daily both on radio and TV. Others including Rep. McDermott,
Sen. Brown and Sen. Stabenow have spoken in favor of extending benefits, but not often enough. The White House has avoided discussing anything beyond 99 weeks. So along with Ed Schultz we will need to make this a daily issue.
Contact your Senators and Representatives every day. Tell your story everyday. If you are still receiving benefits, make sure your vendors (exclude landlord or mortgage holder) know your situation. If they have many customers in the same situation, their business could be at risk without continued extensions. They need to contact Congress too. So do your neighbors. If your house goes into foreclosure, their property values go down. Without continued extensions the economy will return to a downward spiral. For the 99ers, patience is poison. We must be relentless. Is there anything else to do to keep this part of the daily news cycle? Please share your ideas.


  1. Remember the Million Man March? (Just saying...)

  2. Thanks for your comment. Would you care to elaborate?