A tribute to the 99ers: We are not invisible.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What just happened?

June 30, 2010 7:20 PM CDT I was on the laptop, The Rachel Maddow Show on TV in the background. (Yes, I am a progressive and proud of it.) The hose host stops her interview to announce Breaking News: The Senate has failed to pass Funding of Unemployment Extensions by 1 vote and was adjourning for Independence Day until July 12, 2010. My extended unemployment has been held hostage since June 6, 2010 and elected officials were taking a week off.

How could this happen? Many reasons with blame enough for both parties, the White House and my fellow unemployed. There is time enough to go through the politics, I want to talk about the unemployed.

That week was a very busy week in Washington. 2 confirmation hearings, the death of Senator Byrd, the ongoing mess in the Gulf. Many pressing issues were competing for coverage. 1.2 million citizens without any support, promised support and very little coverage. This is my responsibility along with my fellow unemployed.

The unemployed have no voice, no face, no advocate. We don't have a concrete message other than we need help either with a job or longer benefits. We are relying on the compassion of others, but our plight is much harder to comprehend than the image of an oil-slicked pelican. That is not going to change unless we make it change.

That is why I have started this blog along with companion sites on Facebook UBO21C (please like) and Twitter @ubo21(please follow). Together I want to craft a message and devise ways to deliver that message keeping us in front of the news. I also hope to share links that can help us get by. Finally we can gather for support.

I look forward to your thoughts and ideas. Stay positive, despite it all.

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