A tribute to the 99ers: We are not invisible.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Oh, Joy.

Yesterday I criticized NELP, Working America and UCubed. These organizations with budgets and paid professional staff have failed miserably in assisting the 99ers. Their inability to be proactive brings us to December 3,2010 and the 99ers ignored again in an attempt to re-establish extensions for the unemployed in weeks 27-99.

What should NELP, Working America and UCubed be doing? Watching Joy Behar. Last night, Ms. Behar opened her HLN talker reminding everyone that Sen. Scott Brown was the latest Grand Obstructionist Party member to block a vote on funding unemployment extensions. She then suggested that all effected by Sen. Brown's vote drop in on his $100 a plate holiday dinner funder on Friday Night, complete with time and address. I have Joy, deep in my heart.

In summary, in a 30 second intro to a show that included an update on a Hollywood murder and an interview with the Hasselhoffs, Ms. Behar offered an idea that is more creative than anything 3 worker advocacy groups have done in 2 months. NELP, Working America and UCubed are you listening?

Finally, as you head out to do some holiday shopping this weekend, don't worry about the malls being crowded with 99ers.  Unless of course NELP, Working America and UCubed get off their ass.

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