A tribute to the 99ers: We are not invisible.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Party time!

Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. is asking for the unemployed to send him a resume. His aim is to put a face on the unemployed. "We've got a Democratic Party, a Republican Party, a Tea Party. We need a Jobs Party." (Props to Mike Thornton for a top notch piece. I'm just collecting the loose change.)

99ers, this is not opportunity knocking.  This is opportunity screaming at us before it bites us in the nose. In December, the Congressional Black Caucus announced support for Tier V. Now, one of the CBC members is asking the unemployed to inundate his office with pleas for help. 99ers didn't get this commitment  from McDermott or Stabenow.  Rep. Jackson is creating opportunity for 99ers to advocate on their own behalf.  He is trying to help 99ers generate momentum to sway public opinion. We must participate.

Rep. Jackson's resume collecting and Donalee King's 99er Action Plan is the 99ers early opportunity to make a case for Tier V to the 112th Congress. Please join in and help move the nation toward a Jobs Party.

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