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Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Was Born At Night But It Wasn't Last Night.

On Thursday April 7, 2011 the Waukesha County Clerk reported she forgot to include the votes for Brookfield, WI in the final totals. The 13,000 + votes broke roughly 2 to 1 for the Republican, Justice David Prosser turning a 200 vote deficit into a 7500+ vote margin of victory. Conveniently the new margin of victory is just beyond the threshold for a state mandated (and state paid for) recount. Best as I can tell, these are facts.

When it comes to conjecture, this all seems very convenient. Having just intimated massive voter fraud incompetently masked as a math error, let me hold that thought in abeyance for now and share some thoughts on cleaning up this particular mess.

  1. No one knows the truth about the "found" votes except for Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus and perhaps a Koch brother.  Ms. Nickolaus's explanation involved "not saving" and "personal computer".  "Not saving" and "personal computer" are unacceptable reasons for the  loss of over 13,000 votes. All involved should call for the resignation/immediate removal of Ms. Nickolaus. She may not be a criminal, but she is criminally incompetent.  The idea that votes are saved on to a personal computer is vomit inducing.
  2. Governor Scott Walker should call for an immediate recount paid by the State of Wisconsin or Waukesha County.  The system failed miserably. It is incumbent on state leadership to do everything possible to restore some certainty to the election process.
  3. The State of Wisconsin must develop and institute "best practices" to avoid this type of impropriety in the future. Although the short term outcome may be favorable for some, in the long run everyone loses when democracy suffers.
I'm not a fan of the GOP in any state. Had I chance to review Justice Prosser's record, I doubt I would find much to like. Still, if this man was indeed duly elected to the state Supreme Court it is criminal that his victory is tainted by an idiot County Clerk, even if Justice Prosser is Clerk Nickolaus's patron. Imagine that.

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