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Friday, April 8, 2011

Paul Ryan, Consistent, Clairvoyant and maybe a Funeral Director's Best Friend.

You have got to love Rep. Paul Ryan. He's been the GOP's lead man on the budget deficit since the GOP was the minority party in the House.Way back to early 2010, Rep. Ryan has been calling for additional tax breaks for the wealthy and the evisceration of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Yup, balance the budget on the backs on the poor and soon to be poor middle class. You may like him or not(put me in the not category) but the man tells the 100% truth. "To hell with you all, I'm hangin' with the rich." (Okay, so it's not an exact quote, more a paraphrasing of supply side economics.)

Ryan's 2012 budget was much the same as his proposals in 2010. Cuts in Medicaid, privatize Medicare, tax policy welfare for the wealthy and Social Security in the cross hairs. Ryan's budget is also a long term godsend for the unemployed and apparently a quiet endorsement of the Obama administration. Using a newly updated model, he predicts unemployment at 7.8 % in 2012 dropping to 4.3% in 2021. Wow.

March, 2011 unemployment was 8.8%.  Rep. Ryan's budget begins in 2012 so the predicted 1% drop in unemployment must be due to the fiscal policy of President Obama.  Further, mainstream economists  estimate full employment as an unemployment rate between 5%-6%, so a predicted unemployment rate of 4.3% is welcome news (even 9 years off) to the long term unemployed.

Rep. Ryan uses assumptions from the Heritage Foundation so unlike in high school he doesn't have to show his work. So I have just one question: Given the consideration currently given long term unemployed (banks doing historically well since bailout, unemployment still 2+% points beyond 9/08 rate, no unemployment benefits beyond 99 weeks) is the drop in unemployment joined to a corresponding rise in the death rate? Just sayin'.

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