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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Time to vote and move forward.

Election day, which means the plethora of campaign ads are finally over.  In the "no more commercials" spirit, today's post is 100% non-partisan.  First, however is an unpaid political announcement.

On this election day, please take a few minutes and vote. With voter turnout well below 70% politicians have no reason to do the people's business; clearly the electorate isn't watching. Until voter participation goes sky high, elected officials will continue to chase corporate money. The power to reform government is in our hands. It's time to take control. Happy election day and now today's post.

I watched the Sanity/Fear rally and really enjoyed it. Both ends of the spectrum were skewered. Pointing out the absurdity of extremes is important in comedy. Good comedy should be non-partisan.  I also enjoyed  Jon Stewart spelling it all out as a conclusion. Stewart made sure no side could claim the rally as a victory. His metaphor about merging lanes on a busy highway was perfect.  Shouldn't government work together in areas on which all (most) agree and compromise when they differ?

A bipartisan committee has called for a full audit of defense spending. This is a great place to start. Find specific cuts in the defense budget, apply 50% to deficit reduction, 25% to tax cuts and 25% to social programs/safety nets. Everybody gets something, no one gets nothing and America gets government that works.

I am not an expert on government budgets. I am sure there are a myriad of reasons why my example is too simplistic. So what, start somewhere. The last two years have been an embarrassing example of government gridlock. Screw blame and move the country forward.

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