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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

H.R.589, Job Creation and Rape.

On Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2011 Representative Barbara Lee introduced H.R.589, "The Emergency Unemployment Compensation Act of 2011." The bill calls for an additional 14 weeks of Tier I unemployment compensation to be made available to those currently receiving unemployment compensation and to those that have previously exhausted all benefits. Rep. Lee introduced similar legislation (H.R.6556) at the end of the 111th Congress, which failed to pass the resolution.

In other Congressional unemployment related news, the 112th Congress has to date put forward 23 bills regarding jobs. 10 call for investment to create jobs, 4 deal with repealing health care reform, 3 concern the effects of federal regulation stifling job growth and 2 propose suspending environmental regulations to protect jobs. Less than 50% of the legislation for job creation actually involves job creation. Why does this matter? Without significant job creation, the additional 14 weeks of unemployment benefits proposed aren't any more helpful than a lottery ticket.

In other Congressional news, on Feb. 8, 2011 Rep. Christopher Smith introduced H.R.3 "No Taxpayer Funding For Abortion Act" which among other things further victimizes rape victims. The bill would limit federal funds for rape victims to cases of "forcible rape" thereby excluding victims of "casual rape", "recreational rape" and the ever popular "consensual rape".  The bill has 205 cosponsors. Why does this matter? You can't talk the common sense of job creation and safety nets to 206 bat crap crazies that would take ownership of a bill using the term "forcible rape".

Simply put, all 99ers need to get behind H.R.589 via fax, phone, email and/or carrier pigeon. Beyond that it is incumbent on 99ers both individually and collectively to have a plan in place to go beyond H.R.589, so that the work Rep. Lee, 60 cosponsors and countless advocates is not wasted.  In this light, please join Jason Tabrys and other for 99er Aid tonight at 8 PM EST for the #99erAid Twitterchat.


  1. Congress needs to pass H.R. 589 (Question) How can the 99ers travel to look for a job without any money to pay for public Transportation? The Police will arrest you. I had to walk about 50 blocks and I didn't get the job.

  2. I am sorry that you did not get the job and yes Congress needs to pass H.R.589 and 99ers (and anyone else they can enlist) must lobby hard for it's passage. Still even with the passage of H.R.589 millions will still be without any safety net after 14 weeks of benefits expire. So while looking for employment and fighting for H.R.589 99ers must also plan for post H.R.589.

  3. HR589 shouldn't be so difficult to pass! Even 14 weeks of unemployment compensation is better than nothing- bills could at least get paid, housing expenses, etc. It doesn't mean that we, the unemployed aren't still looking for jobs. People who think we are just looking for a handout have no clue! I couldn't even get temporary holiday work! Now I have been unemployed for so long it looks bad on my resume and I get no phone calls concerning jobs at all. Why are all these government officials so heartless?

  4. HR589 shouldn't be difficult to pass? Couldn't get TierV thru House or Senate in 111th Congress, why would you think the 112th will be simpler? As for all you are doing to find work, keep at it and don't let the heartlessness of others stop you. Also, please consider commenting as you instead of anonymously. It'll add weight to your comment.

  5. Barry,

    I'm trying to spread the word about showing support for H.R. 589 via POPVOX: http://pvox.co/bfQp1i

    I really do think that website has the potential for being a tremendously effective organizing and advocacy tool that would deliver our message to Congress in a loud and clear voice.

    I'm reaching out to organizations and individuals alike to enlist their support.

    Will you join me?

  6. I'm in. 99ers need an amplified megaphone. Any tool that moves towards that works for me.