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Monday, February 21, 2011

John Boehner, a truthful man.

I am a proud liberal and I have to admit liberals give Speaker John Boehner a rough time. We ponder his unnatural skin tone. We unmercifully tease about his tendency to cry. We question his ethics in distributing lobbyist campaign contributions on the House floor. One thing we should not question is his honesty. John Boehner is the most honest person in DC. When asked about potential job losses due to $100 billion in budget cuts proposed by the Republicans, Speaker Boehner replied "... So be it." Though many liberals decried this answer as callous, tone deaf, cold hearted, etc, no one suggested it was dishonest.  In fact it may have been the most transparent comment in Washington DC last week.

Speaker Boehner is the highest ranked elected Republican official in the USA.  He sets the legislative calendar for the House of Representatives and sets the conversational tone for the GOP agenda. When questioned about job losses in front of microphones and cameras Speaker Boehner told the truth. He doesn't care about jobs, the people that lose those jobs or the businesses these (soon to be) unemployed support. His responsibility is to his constituency: Millionaires, billionaires and multinational corporations. As for the rest of the country? "...So be it."

99ers are already faxing, calling and emailing Speaker Boehner and the rest of his party to rally support for H.R.589. This is absolutely the right thing to do, without Republican support H.R.589 will not pass. Without Speaker Boehner's approval H.R.589 won't come to a vote. Can anyone expect Speaker Boehner's assistance to pass H.R.589? Ask Speaker Boehner. So be it.

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