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Monday, February 28, 2011

Twitterchat Takeaways: The Lesson of Wisconsin.

I'm posting here from scenic Rockford, IL the winter home of the Wisconsin Senatorial Democratic Caucus. No need for them to hurry back, Governor Walker ordered the Capitol closed. So much for tourism.

On last Tuesday's Twitterchat, I saw some tweets suggesting the pols get with the 99ers agenda or face the 99ers wrath in the 2012 election. For those considering the threat of revenge at the ballot box: Stop yourself. No one cares.

Just look at the last week in Wisconsin. 10 days ago the public employee unions in Wisconsin had conceded all financial demands in Gov. Walker's budget to retain the right of collective bargaining. "Thanks, but no thanks" was the governor's reply. A few days later, Governor Walker was punked. A liberal blogger posing as a Koch brother had a frank conversation with Gov. Walker about his plans for combating the ongoing strike, including planting troublemakers. The list of things wrong with the conversation is too long to delineate here but: 
  • Why is the Gov. talking about State's business with someone that has no standing in Wisconsin?
  • Why is the Gov. spending more time talking to an outsider than he is negotiating with the Union?
Thursday, Night despite over 2 weeks of protests the Wisconsin Assembly may have broken procedural rules  to hastily ram through the controversial bill in the middle of the night. Sunday, Gov. Walker ordered the Capitol closed for cleaning (cleansing?), despite the fact that the 100,000's of protesters have not impeded day to day operations in any manner. Monday, Gov. Walker threatened layoffs if his budget is not passed by Tuesday March 1, 2011. Gov. Walker's message to voters: You don't matter.

Speaker Boehner was able to show why he has earned the right to be a GOP leader. In just three words, Boehner was able to express his contempt for the electorate. It has taken Gov. Walker over two weeks to express the same level of disregard for the public he purports to represent.

As the party of Lincoln, today's GOP may believe they can fool enough of the people enough of the time. Perhaps Republican officeholders think that with the Citizens United decision, enough hidden money can be dumped into any campaign that their voting record won't matter. Maybe it's a combination of the two. In any case, when it comes to the will of the public the GOP just isn't that into your vote, yet.

As for the Democrats, I understand 99ers frustration with lack of progress. I felt the same way in August, 2010 and went on record. As time passed, I saw the bat crap crazy lineup of marionettes, crooks and asylumates from the GOP. I couldn't let my anger allow these idealogical intransigents near elected office. Unfortunately, I found myself in the minority and today we are faced with potential puppet dictatorships starting in Wisconsin and spreading across the United States.Yuck.

I apologize I took the long route when I could have used 4 sentences. If ballot pressure worked, S3706 would already be law. The GOP can't be threatened with votes, they count on the stupidity of the electorate being bamboozled by the cash of the Koch Brothers and friends. The Dems aren't much better. The Dems realize if you vote GOP you elect the Governor Scott Walkers of this country.

In short you can't change anything by apathy or anger voting. You can make a bad situation worse. So stop talking about the ballot box. But please join the #99erAid Twitterchat, Tuesday March 1, 2011 8PM EST. Bring your ideas and your passion. As for your threat to not vote, leave that elsewhere.

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