A tribute to the 99ers: We are not invisible.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hillary shows the way.

Yesterday, I referenced the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary.  It started with eight candidates and ended with Barack Obama besting Hillary Clinton by 305 delegates after beating each other up for 6 months. Both campaigns were characterized by passionate support and the outcome was extremely divisive.  Clinton, a two term Senator and former First Lady had planned for this race for years, yet her moment was stolen by Obama, a relative newcomer. The final results had to be devastating for Hillary.

The aftermath was highlighted by intense bickering between supporters and professionals from both sides. If this rift was not mended John McCain would have a cakewalk to the presidency. Swift decisive action was necessary. It fell to Hillary to endorse Obama. Instead of a lukewarm endorsement, Hillary Clinton anointed Barack Obama as the consensus candidate of the Democratic party and the rest is history.

#99er NOVO's (99ers pledging to NOt VOte if unemployment benefits beyond 99 weeks are not implemented) are faced with a similar conundrum. Like Hillary, the 99ers desired outcome appears unlikely in the immediate future. Just like Hillary, 99ers can determine the fate of the upcoming election.

As of yesterday, I have made my decision. I am angry at the Democrats for not aligning the votes necessary for Tier V. I am frustrated by the Democrats inability to be proactive in the face of a known attack plan by the Republicans. Yet, as angry and frustrated as I am, I will not be passive and allow the Republicans victory because of my feelings.  I will not sit back and turn over the government to a party that has spoken as one against anything to move the USA forward.  The Republicans have put party over policy for almost 2 years and I will not reward them for this grievous lack of governing.  Like Hillary, I will strongly stand for what is necessary in spite of personal dissolution. I am going to vote Democratic in November and I urge all 99er NOVO's to join me.

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