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Monday, September 27, 2010

On second thought, I'm voting in November

About a month ago I listed my criteria for voting in November. Under duress I have changed my mind.

I do not feel any better about the Democrats than I did a month ago. Collectively, in both the Executive and Legislative Branches they continue to mismanage extended unemployment benefits as well as most other agenda items. I am angry, hurt and frustrated in a manner that is only inflicted by people or policy that are dear. As an Illinois Democrat and a lifelong Cub fan I am familiar with embarrassment and disappointment. The Democrats in the 111th Congress have evoked unhappiness well beyond that of Cubdom. I continue to believe that as of today, there is no effective difference between the Democrats and Republicans for the 99ers.    Despite all of these negative feelings I am going to the polls on November 2, 2010 to support the Democratic Party.

I remember the Democratic Primary in 2008. By February all but 2 of the party's presidential candidates had withdrawn. I still got to choose between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama; a tough decision because they were both strong candidates. The 2008 General Election was simpler; for me the choice was clear. Democracy does not guarantee a choice between 2 or more strong candidates. Sometimes the choice is between getting screwed occasionally and getting screwed routinely, aka the 2010 General Election.

I won't vote for a third party. Our elections are geared for a two party system and the Dems and Repubs don't care about "messages". The two major parties only care about winning and losing. I can't vote for the Republicans. The 2010 Republican Party is lead by mean spirited xenophobic crazies and weaklings that turn a blind eye to the lunatic fringe. So I will go to the polls, hold my nose, vote for the Dems and try not to cry. After voting, I'll go to the local pub for a beer to wash the sour taste from my mouth.

Will you vote? Stay home? Cast a better light on the choices available?

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