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Monday, August 23, 2010

Vote or stay home?

Last week I received an email from UCubed, an unemployed advocacy group. Along with other groups, they do a great job supporting and organizing to the unemployed.  If you have not yet joined (free), please do. The email presented a challenge for me, one that I have not resolved.

The email was about an Internet ad that will appear after Labor Day but more importantly the email asked for my personal commitment to vote this November.  I received a similar request from Organizing for America. Normally I feel no need to commit to vote, I vote. Currently I am not living in normal times. I am living through the Great Depression of the 21st Century. The USA is as divisive as it has been since the Viet Nam Era. This period in  history is certainly abnormal which presents me with a problem. I am not committed to voting this November.

This is not apathy, it's fury. The  Republican transgressions are many, listing them serves no purpose. Their agenda is transparent. They exist solely to serve and protect the landed gentry of the USA. They use many tools to build a coalition with the non-landed, non-gentry. I find most of these tools (wedge issues) abhorrent. I could not bring myself to vote for any of the Republican candidates that will be on the Illinois ballot. I do have a certain grudging admiration for the Republican's ability to carry out their agenda.

The Democrats are the problem. My unemployment insurance benefits will run out before they return from recess. As of today, everyone beyond 26 weeks will exhaust benefits on Nov. 30, 2010. The Democratic approach to continuation of benefits is beyond disappointing.  Each successive funding attempt has stretched longer than the previous and nothing has been done to address the 99ers. I don't want to hear apologies, excuses or reasons for previous activity. The past is over. I am concerned about the Democratic plan for future unemployment benefits through  this coming Winter. The Democrats have not articulated their program for job creation and the accompanying safety net beyond Nov. 30, 2010.  This makes me furious.

I realize there are many issues and an election is coming.  I am not willing to vote for the lesser of two evils.  I will not be taken for granted nor will I be pacified. I expect the Democrats to have the will to help the 99ers. I demand they address the issue. Silence will not keep me hoping for their assistance, it will merely keep home on Election Day.

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