A tribute to the 99ers: We are not invisible.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

For those attending the rally

In just a few hours the Wall Street rally to speed passage of the "Americans Want to Work Act" and additional rights for the long term unemployed will begin. The rally is sponsored by the Unemployed Workers Action Group. Attendees will wear buttons, wave signs and listen to speeches. They may even march around in a circle a couple of times.  After about an hour the rally is scheduled to conclude. But the narrative is not guaranteed and no one knows exactly what to expect.

When attendees arrive they join the ranks of abolitionists, suffragists, unionists and civil rights activists. Although it appears extreme to compare this single rally with some of the great equality movements of our country, those causes did not began as chapters of our history. They began as a select few spoke out against something they found fundamentally wrong. Today the fight for jobs with living wages and a safety net when those jobs disappear continues. Time will assign this cause it's appropriate place in history.

Should there be a counter rally or individuals that voice mean-spirited opinions it is important to remember the dignity of Jackie Robinson, the persistence of Susan B. Anthony, the non-violence of Dr. King. Rally participants represent these greats as well as themselves today. No one has the liberty of being goaded into counterproductive actions, it clouds the message.  Success is vital.

The rally will be successful. The greater the success the larger the target.  When naysayers minimize the rally or dismiss it's message please remember: One suicide prevented, one home saved, one family regaining benefits is God's work. Jobs and expanded safety nets will be achieved.

Distance prevents me from attending today's rally.  I will be there in spirit and thought.  My admiration and prayers go out to those that will be there. Thank you for giving my needs a voice. Together we will reach our goals. 

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