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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Never thought I would say this....

Yesterday afternoon my Twitter stream was on fire about Glenn Beck's latest rant. In case you missed it, I have taken the liberty of embedding it on the right side (no pun intended) of my blog. If Mr. Beck continues in this light he may be the 99ers best friend since Ed Schultz.

If you are unfamiliar with Glenn Beck, he began his career as a "Morning Zoo" radio guy. Beck, who personally supports some of the ideas he publicly mocks has taken the "Zoo" concept and applied it to daily issues. I admit I don't watch it, I am not a fan of his variety of performance art. Others apparently enjoy it, his was the #3 Cable News Show in July. Whether he is clown or clairvoyant is immaterial, he is watched.

Before the Wall Street Rally on Thursday, I wrote that the rally's success would make it a target. The rally was successful obtaining press coverage in numerous papers and spreading the message of the unemployed. I didn't realize how successful until Mr. Beck chose to highlight it on his show.

I don't agree with Mr. Beck's comments, I find them both ignorant and repugnant. That is how Glenn Beck earns his money, reinforcing stupidity with provocative lunacy. He speaks about issues that rally the frightened.  Now he's speaking about the 99ers.  We must be successful.  Keep up the pressure, it's working.

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