A tribute to the 99ers: We are not invisible.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I'm sorry.

I want to apologize to the 99ers. Not from guilt; I do not feel guilty my benefits currently continue. I do not feel guilty I have supportive friends and family. I do not feel guilty I have kept my house and not missed a meal. I do not feel guilty. I feel grateful, lucky and blessed.

I am frustrated I did not get involved sooner. I am frustrated I can not advocate better, longer or more effectively on a daily basis. I am frustrated that in this country of opportunity there are so many unemployed. I am frustrated Congress refuses to grasp the severity of the issues or the need to act rapidly. I am frustrated people that do not understand why we are unemployed feel the necessity to label us lazy or pampered. I am frustrated that mean spirited individuals blame the unemployed for being unemployed. It took over 20 years of mismanagement to create the current economic climate and NONE OF US  were in charge.

I am sad so many have no where to go. I am sad some may have food and shelter this week but none for next week. I am sad so many take joy in the suffering of others.  I am sad my words offer no solace to me and no comfort for the 99ers. 99ers do not need words, they need action. Action today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, etc. until they get a safety net they can rely on.Yet it will be too late for some and being late for even one is incomprehensible. So my words bring me no solace. Finally, I am sad because none of this angers me. I can not afford the luxury of being angry.

All  I can offer is an apology to the 99ers. I apologize for not being active sooner and for everything that has brought all of us to this point. I want to apologize everyday but I will refrain from doing so; the apology would be hollow and tedious.  I can pray every day. Pray for the 99ers (and the rest of us) and advocate for better. So that is what I will do.

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