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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Glenn, again

Glenn Beck's love note to the long term unemployed drew significant criticism from advocates for assistance for the long term unemployed. Both Mike Thornton and Donalee King did their usual great job in breaking down the fallacy of criticizing the victim, in this case the 99ers. I especially enjoyed Donalee employing her literary skills to point out that Beck is merely a body part. It is important that the rantings of the overwrought right are challenged. Without dissenting voices these unsubstantiated opinions are considered truth. Still, at least Glenn Beck is working this week.

Consider this: Anybody heard from Senators Stabenow and Schumer since the recess? How about Representatives Berkley and McDermott since their House proposal? Speaker Pelosi or Majority Leader Reid guaranteeing full debate and passage of "The Americans Want To Work Act" prior to the next recess or ever?  Anything from President Obama and he's still in public view?  These are our friends(?) and we hear more from Glenn Beck!

Glenn Beck is paid by Fox News and Premiere Radio Network to provoke response (positive or negative) that drives ratings.  Agree or disagree with the message, he is outstanding at his job.  Compare this with the previously mentioned elected officials. They are paid with tax dollars. Their election was assisted by donations and sweat equity from many of the currently unemployed. They commit to nothing, leaving me (and many of you) waiting like a teenager for a prom invitation. It's more than insulting, in some cases it's fatal.  At least Beck voices his opinion.

Imagine being Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid or Barack Obama and failing a comparison to Glenn Beck. Yikes.

There is nothing wrong with expressing outrage about Beck's disgraceful categorizing of the long term unemployed. So call Ed Schultz, email Rachel Maddow, tweet Keith Olbermann and sign a petition in protest. However if this is all that is done, nothing has been achieved. Contact Congress, Governors, State Officials, Mayors, Clergy, neighbors, friends, store owners, etc. Give them the message: Jobs now and if not enough jobs, a safety net. A safety net through the winter, because creating jobs takes time. A safety net through the winter because it supports the economy and property values. A safety net through the winter for 4 million+  because it's the right thing to do. A safety net through winter because Glenn Beck thinks that's crazy, which makes the idea unfailingly credible.

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