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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No news from Gov't but things are happening.

On Sunday, I tweeted this link from the US Unemployed Blogsite, "No News But Speculation-So Why Say Anything." The gist of the post stated there is nothing new with no legislation scheduled; so if you can't say anything good.... I cannot dispute the fact about legislation nor the prayers for full employment by Labor Day; I agree 100%.  None the less the editor did not address the positive things that happened in August. Maybe there is something to hope for.

Before I continue I must offer this disclaimer: For the 99ers, long-term, shorter-term or soon to be, no silver lining exists. If they have not yet experienced total disaster (I include myself) they fear total disaster every day. Fearing something every day means you have that experience every day. This type of existence quashes hope and remains immune to "Things aren't all that bad". In truth things are indeed all that bad. Still the tide may be starting to turn.

During August bills addressing unemployment compensation beyond 99 weeks were introduced in the Senate and the House. Ed Schultz promoted and attended a rally on Wall Street in support of the 99ers. Reverend Jesse Jackson led a Jobs, Justice and Peace rally in Detroit with the potential for additional rallies in other cities.  Legislatively I realize both bills are imperfect, need to be merged into one bill and no debate is scheduled. The longest journey starts with a single step and for 99ers the first step has been taken.  Ed Schultz and Reverend Jackson are great advocates and they speak to different audiences.  This is the only the beginning of a single battle on behalf of the middle class, but I am pleased by those on our side. Except for Ed Schultz none of this was a reality before the month began.

Much more needs to be done but the framework exists.  There are various groups working for the unemployed. Both UCubed and Working America have Union affiliations. The Unions bring organization and access that a group of individuals would be hard pressed to acquire. A rally is scheduled in DC on October 2.  It is now up to the 99ers and their support to continue to speak out in any manner available. Each day is dear, but the past has passed and cannot be recaptured. There is a possibility of reclaiming the future. That's what happened this month. Not much in the way of results but much more than "no news". This is more than speculation.

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