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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another lesson from Wisconsin.

Emperor Scott Walker, Viceroy Scott Fitzpatrick and the single mind GOP of Wisconsin continue to share insight into today's Republican Party.  As you may be aware, last week at the behest of Walker and with the facilitation of Fitzpatrick, the GOP caucus of the Wisconsin Senate rammed through a bill stripping many Wisconsin public employees of their right to collective bargaining. Earlier this week, Fitzpatrick authorized "taxation without representation" by stripping Wisconsin Senate Dems of their right to vote in committee. Sen. Fitzpatrick has since rescinded this edict; all Wisconsin Senators will be allowed to vote in committee.

Scott Walker's political future is all but set. A recall measure will be filed January 3, 2012, the first day he is eligible for recall. Anyone casting their lot with Walker is asking for the same fortune. Given that politicians are many things, but box o' rocks stupid is not one of them, what gives?

Simple: If GOP officials choose to leave politics there will be a nice private sector job waiting, so long as they obey the puppetmasters.  If the same GOP officials choose to run, they're counting on the unlimited hidden campaign funds allowed by the Citizens United decision to scrub their image clean. The ramifications for the 99ers or any other fans of democracy are clear cut.

It is impossible to match funds with the virtually unlimited resources of the ultrawealthy ubergreedy patrons of today's GOP. Many Dems are also feeding at the same trough.  All the rest of us have to offer is unbridled resolve.  We must commit to stay active, remain visible, advocate our cause and absolutely go out and vote.

In the short term, contact your legislators today  and every day about passage of H.R. 589. Join U Cubed  and find a local cube.  Local organizing is a key to moving the 99er agenda forward. Finally, don't quit, never quit. Democracy is too important.

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