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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

There Is News, It's Not Good.

While going through headlines, etc. some things jumped out:
  1. Some Senate Republicans are planning to block all non-budget (and they mean non-budget cutting) bills.
  2. Multiple events (having nothing at all to do with global climate change) have reduced overall food supply, driving food costs up-possibly forever.
  3. Florida is going to reduce unemployment benefits. Do you think other states will do the same? I do.
  4. The national unemployment rate may not drop below 8%, ever.
Connecting the dots: The only thing the US Senate GOP caucus is planning on passing is kidney stones and gas, unless social safety net programs are cut.  The cost of living (food,energy) is going up. States (primarily those with GOP majorities in government) are cutting safety nets and eliminating collective bargaining for state employees. The next step will be to privatize services, further driving wages down. The US will be facing  higher numbers of unemployed (increased supply) which will also put downward pressure on wages. Further, no one is talking about or proposing a plan for reacting to the "new" normal unemployment rate.

That's right. Costs are going up. The government is doing nothing to support wages or worse yet actively working on driving wages down, while cutting or eliminating safety nets. Well, at least spring is almost here.

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