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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mr. President, the answer sleeps beside you.

Last week on the Ed Schultz Show, Ed was discussing an article about the President and his advisors look for ways to reinvigorate the base.  Without dismissing any of the callers, all I could think was: HAVE YOU EVER PISSED OFF YOUR WIFE?

Like a spouse, the base sticks around through thick and thin, lends support when you are low, celebrates your success and quietly disagrees when you are wrong.  Admittedly, the liberal base can work on the "quiet correction" a bit. Still, it wasn't the fickle middle that worked the phones, walked the streets and stood in the cold in Springfield when the Obama campaign kicked off.

How do you apologize to your wife when she's really angry? Well, I sincerely apologize (or at least sound incredibly sincere) and do something that makes my wife feel loved and appreciated. It works the same with the base and by the way, suggesting "swallowing your anger" doesn't work with a spouse and won't work with the base.

So, Mr. President apologize to the base. "I'm sorry to have compromised on my principles but moving the country forward, even in very small steps is my Number One priority. I apologize to those I have disappointed and ask you to stay with me as we move forward" would be very effective.  Endorsing H.R. 589, a comprehensive jobs creation package and safety nets until unemployment drops below 8% would show that you are serious.

Mr. President I am an unabashed fan of yours. I stood with you on HCR even without a public option because health care reform needs to start somewhere. I've said nothing while you fail to address the unemployment crisis because I realize you can't do everything. I didn't like the tax compromise, but in the end the repeal of DADT and the belated passage of the SALT treaty made the compromise worthwhile, even though it left 99ers out in the cold. Mr. President, I remain a fan but "reinvigorate the base" and "swallow my anger"? So, Mr. President, I humbly ask, PLEASE REMOVE YOUR HEAD FROM YOUR ASS.


  1. I got a crowbar if Barack needs one.

  2. Mike,

    Thanks for stopping by. I must be slow today, could you elaborate?