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Monday, March 14, 2011

An Ongoing National Natural Disaster.

I had a day of commitments Friday. I got up early and went online to investigate the latest attempts of d(D)emocracide by the GOP in Wisconsin and across the land. Much to my chagrin the news was owned by a devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  Actually, devastating is an inaccurate description of what occurred in Japan, but the English language doesn't have the words to accurately describe what occurred in Japan. Whole families disappearing, neighborhoods destroyed, homeless sleeping in makeshift shelters, 100,000's with no sustenance, electricity or running water.  It will be years, maybe decades before the full toll will be understood and some generations may never recover.

Almost immediately fund raising for rescue, recovery and rebuilding Japan began.  I was particularly moved by Seth Meyer's appeal for the Red Cross at the end of the SNL update since SNL rarely takes anything seriously. I am proud to live in a country that takes suffering to heart and reaches out to help victims of acts beyond control of the victims. Of course, I am also occasionally bewildered by this country's response to disasters within our borders.

In September, 2008 the USA experienced a financial earthquake and tsunami. As in Japan the results were devastating and aftershocks have continued in the form of unemployment for 30 months. Whole families are affected. Neighborhoods are destroyed. Homelessness increases which means people are sleeping in makeshift shelters if any shelter. 100,000's have no access to running water, electricity or any source of sustenance. It will be years possibly decades before the full toll is understood. Some generations will never recover.

I'm not asking why Japan and not the 99ers. I am not saying  us (or U.S) first. I said I am proud to live in a country that takes suffering to heart. I would like to know why we are so callous to suffering within our own border. Why do we refuse to act appropriately to correct a disaster that is salvageable?  Anyone have a thought?

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