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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Loose ends and requests.

Last night's #99eraid Twitterchat had multiple themes. One theme discussed was ways of building a nonpartisan coalition to pass H.R. 589 and beyond. This is a great idea. Unemployment effects people of all political persuasions.

In what will apparently illustrate the challenge of creating bipartisan support, it seems yesterdays post caught the attention of someone that posts to Breitbart (no link from me, sorry).  The blogger said he first heard about the 99ers recently. He commented that 99ers have a slick looking website and linked this little ol' blog right here. (thanks, dude) He went on to give his opinion about 99ers and our plight with the usual "I'm sympathetic" but that's not the way his piece slanted. Hey, it's his post and his opinions. I do have a couple of thoughts:

  1. Just heard about the 99ers?  Hey feel free to comment on something that's been going on for over year. Why bother with research?
  2. Thought this was a slick looking website. Kudos to Awesome, Inc. for the template and concernedinKY for the opening video. (Concerned, he thought your video could be a beer commercial.  Given what Bud spends on advertising that's quite a compliment.) The slick look has nothing to do with me. In the 9 months I've been blogging I haven't spent an hour a month on design maintenance.
  3. Blogger also criticized yours truly for perpetuating the myth that the Minnesota GOP wants to restrict state aid recipients to a maximum of $20 cash per month. Here's the link I read and it doesn't look like a myth to me.
  4. In the comments "anonymous" criticized me for spending time on my site/blog when I should be looking for work, having a negative attitude and for not taking personal responsibility.  Anonymous went on to suggest that 99ers were taking cash under the table (based on?) and would stated he/she would never hire a 99er. Essentially when anonymous couldn't carry a fact based discussion anonymous turned to a personal attack and broad assumptions using limited or no facts.
I'm hoping the blogger and anonymous are not indicative of the majority of the GOP. I don't see enough (any?) common ground for a nonpartisan coalition. 

I also have two requests:
  1. Please read this article from Donalee King and if applicable add your information to the 99er database.
  2. I have nominated my friend Sima Dahl and her work on Marketing Job Wire for inclusion in Seth Godins/Domino Project new Kindle book, due out on April 11, 2011. Voting opened yesterday and concludes today at 5 PM EDT. Please take a minute to vote and pass it along. Thanks.
Please make the #99eraid Twitterchat appointment tweeting, Tuesday nights, 8 PM EDT.

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