A tribute to the 99ers: We are not invisible.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

To UCubed: I apologize.

In the past months I have been highly critical of UCubed in at least two posts. I didn't think my posts were mean spirited or vindictive. I still don't think that way. I felt 99ers needed more from UCubed. I still believe that, too. I must admit I was working with a wrong set of assumptions.  I felt that since UCubed had a Director and a budget, UCubed should be doing more on behalf of the long term unemployed. Until this week.

UCubed had been aggressively publicizing elections for state directors. On Monday, I received an email from UCubed Executive Director that elections had to be cancelled. Only one person in one state had stepped up to run. For the sake of full disclosure that one person wasn't me. As the saying goes, "When you point a finger at someone else, remember there are three fingers pointing back at you."

I do believe 99ers need more from UCubed, but as another saying goes, "You can't make chicken soup from chicken poop." As I look at my reflection in the mirror do I see egg or chicken poop? I'm not sure.

So to Executive Director Rick Sloan and anyone else in UCubed, in unity-strength, I apologize. To anyone reading this not yet a member of UCubed, please join and help me get this mess off my face.


  1. Your apology in NOT accepted and for this one reason. There was never a need for you to apologize.
    These are perilous times and we all do what we can, the best we can. You do. We do. The 99ers do.
    Frankly, UCubed tries. Hard. We work at it every day. And some days we succeed in small ways and fail in larger ways.
    So, if there's any apologing to be done, it should be from us to you.

  2. Rick,
    Thank you for your generosity of spirit and to avoid the "I apologize", "No I apologize" round robin, apologizing done for both sides. Rather than going on about what I've not done in the past, I intend to help move our country forward (or at least stop the backslide we're currently engaged in). So thanks for all the good work UCubed attempts, including all the successes big or small. Thanks for pulling on the rope with all your might.
    In admiration,