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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

These People Are Allowed In Public?

Minnesota GOP lawmakers want to make it illegal for anyone receiving state aid to have more than $20 cash. OK, so how about anyone with net worth over $250,000 and money offshore to avoid paying taxes be stoned to death in the town square? Actually, I'm surprised at the Minnesota GOP for invoking a half-measure. Why not end state aid to the poor and reestablish debtors prison?

I'm a fan of the 1st Amendment but I'm weary of the eternally hypocritical (yes, you Newt Gingrich and your patriotic flag pole) and the criminally stupid (too big a list to specify anyone) attempting to drag the US back to the antebellum era. Shouldn't someone have a track record of at least 75% truth and coherence before we continue to shove a microphone in their face? Did you ever think Emily Litella (RIP, Gilda) would become a model for GOP communication directors across the country? Can't you do better? Yes, you can.

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  1. So I guess it would have been too much trouble for you to also state that those receiving State aid have what amounts to a debit card. You know, those things that are just as good as cash.

    Your supplying of limited information to perpetuate your side of things would be like me saying 99ers don't want to go back to work 'cuz they like the free ride.

  2. Thank you for pointing out that the recipients receive their state aid on a debit card and you're right (obviously) that I neglected to mention that fact. In moving towards full disclosure, it should be pointed out that the emphasis of House File 171 is to paint any aid recipient with cash as some form of cheat.

    Thank you also for spending your time to read and comment. Stop by anytime and be aware that adding your name adds weight to your comment.

    Finally as a 99er, thank you for your presumption that 99ers would prefer to lose said status.

  3. why continue to post the lie about the 20 bucks--there's no limitation on what folks can carry--just can't withdraw more the 20 bucks off the debit card at a time--since the taxpayers are providing the money, I'm guessing it's a way of trying to make sure that folks use the money for food, shelter, and other necessities.

  4. P.S. if you have time to make a website, you have time to look for a job...maybe your negative, aggressive, "world owes me a living" mentality is affecting your ability to secure employment.

  5. As an employer I'll never hire a 99er. With an employment gap for that long good luck finding any job.

  6. How many 99er's are working for cash under the table. Eventually you run out of other peoples money to spend and have to get back to work...at anything. I've been there and it sucks you in.

    Get off the dole and be responsible for yourself..

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  8. Previous comment was removed because I failed to spellcheck. Bloggers error.

    The draft of HF 171 I read, limits the cash withdrawals to $20 month (less than a buck a day leaving next to nothing for necessities like toilet paper and disinfectant)and the intent is to paint aid recipients as de facto cheats.

    As for what my time allows me to do or my negative aggressive ... congrats on being a clairvoyant. Thanks for your insight. Thanks for having the strength to stand behind your comments, anonymously.

  9. I like how you did not even bother to include the website or the name of the bill in question in your original post. Wouldn't want anyone seeking out the truth on their own, just take your word for it that the government is actually trying to make it illegal to have more than $20 at a time.
    Here is an excerpt from the law:
    "EBT debit cardholders in programs under
    2.8 subdivision 1 are prohibited from using the EBT debit card to purchase tobacco products."
    It is obvious to anyone who is not purposefully trying to mislead people, that the legislature is trying to prevent EBT cardholders from withdrawing their entire support stipend in order to buy prohibited items, thus the $20 limit. There is nowhere in the bill any wording that says it should be illegal to "have more than $20 cash". That is a blatant lie on your behalf. Here is a website with the actual bill, in case anyone is interested in being educated BEFORE making a decision on the law. https://www.revisor.mn.gov/bin/bldbill.php?bill=H0171.1.html&session=ls87

  10. Wow! No wonder you can't find work. I would never hire a known dissembler. To portray a withdrawal limit as a prohibition! Unfortunately, prospective employers have read this too!

  11. "The draft of HF 171 I read, limits the cash withdrawals to $20 month (less than a buck a day leaving next to nothing for necessities like toilet paper and disinfectant)and the intent is to paint aid recipients as de facto cheats."

    I haven't had cash in 2 years, I pay for everything with either my debit card, credit card or check. I live in a town of 9,000ish people the only place where you need cash is for the drug dealers.

  12. Organize? Are you serious? How about you network and share ideas, sources, resume building, discuss training options, etc? Put the focus on doing the work to get another job rather than organizing and playing the parts of Useful Idiots?

  13. I think people wouldn't post anonymously accept for A) You provide the option, and B) We've seen how some Useful Idiots go to people's homes, spout violent rhetoric they appear ready to back up, etc, and don't want that visited upon us.

    We know you are out there and are working very hard to prevent ourselves from joining you. We also donate time and money to help you and pray this Great Recession ends so you can get back to work. Good Luck!

  14. Josh,

    Fair point about not providing a link to the bill. As for the prohibition on tobacco, etc I assume that's always been and is just being included so that said prohibition remains. Having copped to the point that I should have included a link, I still maintain this has nothing to do with the realization that folks are buying smokes and booze but to a priori paint state aid recipients as cheats. So sad (and worse) in a country that prides itself on innocent until proven guilty.

    Anonymous 8:16 AM You say I'm a dissembler. You're entitled to your opinion. How do you feel about Newt?

    Anonymous 8:21 Thanks for the articulate addition to the discussion.

    Anonymous 9:51 AM I'm happy for you and your prodigious use of your debit card. The world would be a better place if everyone lived like you, right?

    Anonymous 11:21 AM I didn't articulate the thought that unemployment advocacy needs to go beyond Gov't and must include sharing source, job leads, training networking etc. Jobs are preferable to a safety net. I hope the job creating tax cut extensions to the wealthy start working. Useful idiot must be some right wing nut job code. Blogs are occasionally meant to provoke, use your code there. If you want to have a meaningful discussion, leave codes and labels out of the comments, I will.

    Anonymous 11:26 Just because the blog allows Anonymous comments doesn't mean you should. If you believe in your comment, sign your name. As for fear of violent retribution because of a blog post? I'm sure it does happen but from both sides and violence is not an acceptable answer to someone voicing an opinion. Thanks for the good luck wishes and thanks for prayers, time and money. Every little bit helps.

  15. See, I kind of see both sides of this. I understand how lawmakers would want to make sure the money gets spent on necessities and not on tobacco or alcohol. At the same time, that money can be used as cash as well, and to claim that ALL you need is a debit card is really stupid.

    For example, I buy much of my food at a church-funded store. They only accept cash. It's the only place I can afford to get my groceries right now. Yes, the debit card is handy, but let's face it: we're not at a completely electronic marketplace yet.

  16. Dissemble: to put on a false appearance : conceal facts, intentions, or feelings under some pretense(merriam-webster)

    "Minnesota GOP lawmakers want to make it illegal for anyone receiving state aid to have more than $20 cash".

    Is this statement true or false?

    So, verily, you are a dissembler.

  17. tough crowd, tough crowd

  18. Anonymous: From H.F. No. 171, 1st Engrossment - 87th Legislative Session (2011-2012) Posted on Mar 17, 2011
    (c) Notwithstanding paragraph (a), EBT cardholders may opt to have up to $20
    2.2 per month accessible via automatic teller machine or receive up to $20 cash back from
    2.3 a vendor.

    As I said, Dissembler: Your opinion.

    As I also said If you believe in what you are saying, you'll sign your name to it. Thanks for stopping by.

  19. Answer a question with a question, check. Try the, "they did it first" argument, check. Try to make a fact an opinion, check. Ignore your obvious lie, "Minnesota GOP lawmakers want to make it illegal for anyone receiving state aid to have more than $20 cash". Looks like ....sounds like......DISSEMBLE!

    Now my side, I quote YOUR statement, check. I ask you a true/false question, check. I show you the dictionary definition of "dissemble", check.

    Discover check!

  20. So your opinion is the text from the draft of the bill from the Minn. House of Rep's site that states "(c) Notwithstanding paragraph (a), EBT cardholders may opt to have up to $20
    2.2 per month accessible via automatic teller machine or receive up to $20 cash back from
    2.3a vendor." is merely a suggestion. By the way, what is your source about Minn HF 171? Oh and was that too many questions?

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  22. Anonymous posted again. A wants to read the draft of HF 171 as "EBT Cardholders may opt to have $20 per month accessible via ATM" mean cardholders can access $20 at a time as long as it is accessible. Perhaps A is right but the words "per month" accessible via ATM seems to indicate it can be done, ya know, once a month.
    A then went on to suggest that recipients would use $20 for cigs, beer and lottery tickets and then the usual disparaging remarks about me.
    I tell you this because frankly, I'm bored with A's unwillingness to have the stones to sign the posts. I've deleted the last one. Screw A.

  23. Do u really think 99ers DON'T want jobs(who can live on the ridiculous unemployment amount...which btw was taken out of their paychecks)...reality is most companies won't even consider you if you;re over 40 years old...the whole thing is pathetic

  24. Who said 99ers don't want jobs? The 99ers I know would love to work.