A tribute to the 99ers: We are not invisible.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

99ers Communication Problem.

It's been about a year since the first 99ers realized a title was need for their status. Some non-99ers thought the classification already existed: lazy, soft, coddled, unambitious, but those characterizations are wrong. No one realized last year, but the first 99ers were the canary in the cave that history will recognize as the Great Depression of the 21st Century. Unfortunately if 99ers wait for history to prove that they were unwilling victims and not passive participants of this modern financial disaster, their grandchildren will still be feeling the effects of this cataclysmic period in the early part of this century.  Better to start changing the course of history today.

I started blogging in July, 2010. I was dumbfounded that the Senate could adjourn without appropriating funds to pay extended unemployment benefits they had previously approved. I had pointed out that the long term unemployed had been hampered in generating support because there was not a clear unique message. Long therm unemployed were talking about jobs, safety nets, equity, humanity and social justice. In the past 9 months 99ers have crafted this easy to understand/easy to explain message...Oops.

This morning's thread at the #99erAid hashtag is a reminder about tonight's #99erAid Twitterchat (8 PM EST and companion 99erAid Facebook page) and a suggestion to bring ideas about types of protests. Specifically the types of protests that communicate the message of the 99ers. The message of the 99ers being...?

I am not being negative. I believe we need a clear message and a means of organizing or the protests will not provide the desired results. Fortunately, this is a situation where the cart can proceed the horse. So bring your ideas about protests tonight (#99erAid, 8 PM EST and Facebook Page 99er Aid. Did I mention that already?).  Together we can tackle message and ways to organize in the coming weeks.  See you tonight.



    I saw this a few days ago and it appears one of our fellow 99ers is mobilizing us to ACTION on a particular date. Since most of us can't trek to DC we are being asked to do what we can in our local hometowns on April 2nd. As we all have different gifts and talents it is up to YOU to do what you can to make this happen!


  2. Thanks for adding to the discussion. This effort by a 99er (group of 99ers?) highlights the determination of the 99er community. The 4/2/11 Call to Action also emphasizes my point in today's post. If the message conveyed at different venues is not the same, the results will be diluted. More importantly if the non DC venues have a small turnout (3 protesters walking in a circle isn't much of an action) the only press will be bad press.

    Also please consider, publicizing any rally and adding a link has much more impact if you add your name to it.