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Friday, October 1, 2010

DC Rally Tomorrow: It's About Time

Our day is almost here. Tomorrow is the One Nation Working Together Rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. It's about time.

I came to One Nation Working Together as a member of the long term unemployed. The USA needs good paying jobs for the sake of all citizens. One Nation stands for more than that: It stands for full equality, a safety net for those at risk and world class public education. In short One Nation Working Together represents middle class values.

During my formative years it appeared the USA was on track for embedding these middle class values permanently.  Somewhere between  my High School graduation and my kids entering middle school America took a wrong turn and turned on the middle class. This must be rectified. So it is about time for tomorrow's rally.

It is important that the rally is not the culmination of efforts to restore the middle class. The rally must be the beginning.  For me, my children and my grandchildren. So I intend to keep middle class values in my daily conversation. As just one guy in the Midwest I ask that tomorrow's rally become an annual event. America needs it and Americans deserve it.

What are your thoughts about tomorrow's rally? A beginning? The end? A stop along the way? What does the One Nation Working Together rally mean to you?

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