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Thursday, October 7, 2010

House burns while firefighters watch.

Firefighters watched while a house burned in South Fulton, TN for lack of a prepaid $75 fee. How could this happen in the USA? Blind loyalty to a principle, for example, lower taxes to control wasteful government spending.

Unhappiness with an over-reaching government is an American value; it's a primary reason the USA exists.  The driving force for smaller government in my lifetime goes back to the Great Communicator. In truth, the size of government is immaterial. The effectiveness of government matters. Effective government requires a broad spectrum of ideas and an open exchange to work towards consensus. Voting as a block for the sake of politics renders a representative democracy useless. The result is lack of government.

I do not think the tragedy in Tennessee is a case of Republican vs. Democrat. Firefighters watching a house burn for the sake of money is common sense vs. tree stump stupid. Anyone that thinks it was OK to allow the house to burn, welcome to the U.S. Forest Service.

The preamble to the Constitution charges the people with  "promote the general welfare" among other responsibilities.  What would Thomas Jefferson and John Adams would say about watching the house burn?

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