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Monday, October 18, 2010

Time to govern.

The USA has been in the midst of a foreclosure mess for a very long time.There are no clear cut solutions to this mess. Bringing this mess to a satisfactory resolution will be complicated. In the end most USA citizens will be affected, likely in a classic lose-lose scenario. That's just the beginning. It appears that most of the reporting has buried the lead when analyzing the foreclosure crisis. As discussed in this "wonky" post on GlobalResearch.ca, the foreclosure crisis is the "canary in the cave" regarding systemic organizational fraud.

It is easy to blame widespread institutional crimes on one party, but it is overly simplistic. Repairing the damage done by lack of oversight will be a long process. I prefer to concentrate on the future.

On November 2, 2010 the USA is facing a referendum on the future. Does the country restore governing power to Republicans, a party that eschews government? Or does the USA continue on a path favored by Democrats; government could and should be a force to move the country forward? No matter which philosophy you choose, it is vital to exercise your choice by voting. An engaged electorate is a vital component of a vibrant democracy. On a personal note, please join me in voting for the Democrats in an attempt to climb out of this economic morass and  move the country forward.

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