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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Outsourcing for comic relief

There is a new show on NBC called "Outsourced". It's about an American sent to manage a call center in Mubai for a novelty company that has sent order processing overseas. Yuk, yuk.

I am familiar with the "fish out of water/culture clash" scenario as a basis for sitcoms. It worked well in "My Favorite Martian", "Mork and Mindy" and "Northern Exposure". Others such as "Hogan's Heroes" and "Bridget Loves Bernie" were controversial. The reason the second grouping had problems was because the scenario is inherently unfunny. The same goes for "Outsourced".

There are many millions unemployed in the US. It is nearly impossible to get an exact count of the unemployed.. The same goes for the unemployment rate. Job creation is slow and many of the jobs that are created are not the same quality as the jobs lost.  Until this crisis is solved, economic recovery will be moderate at best. Outsourcing is a large part of the problem. Outsourcing isn't funny.

I am not calling for a petition drive or a phone protest. There are too many important things happening to spend energy on a television show.  Use "Outsourced" as a teachable moment. If someone is talking about "Outsourced", suggest the show's concept is offensive. Talking TV with the neighbors? Tell them outsourcing costs millions of jobs. "Outsourced" is nothing to laugh about.

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