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Friday, October 8, 2010

Will you let our house burn down?

Events of the last 10 days have presented 99er NOVOs and progressives a unique referendum. To recap, Gene and Paulette Cranick live in Obion County, TN. Their house is not within the South Fulton, TN city limits.  The Cranicks are served by the South Fulton, TN fire department. Those that do not live in the South Fulton, TN city limits must pay a $75 fee annually to qualify for fire department services.  The Cranicks did not pay the fire protection fee this year.  On Wednesday Sept. 29, 2010 the Cranicks house caught on fire. The fire department did not respond to calls to assist the Cranicks. The fire department arrived when a neighbor's house (they had paid their fee) was in jeopardy. Despite offers to pay anything by the Cranicks and the neighbor, the fire department allowed the Cranick's house to burn, watering the fence line and remaining to protect the nieghbor's house. The Cranick's house burnt to the ground.

November 2, 2010 presents an opportunity.  Our country is on fire facing potential long term damage.  The Democrats have failed to move forward on many agenda items including: single payer health carecap and trade, EFCA. For the long term unemployed the Democrats did not provide a safety net that matches economic realities. The Democrats have not paid their $75. (The Republicans offer a return to the policies of George W. Bush; they have failed to buy a hose) I will not sit silently while America burns.

I am voting for every Democrat on my ballot on November 2, 2010.  Although imperfect, the Democrats have the best chance of putting out the fire currently burning in USA. Will you watch the fire burn or will you vote to save "our house'?

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